Dispensing Review Use of Medicines

As part of our continued commitment to our dispensing patients we annually review the use of repeat medication.

Medicines include inhalers, creams, and ointments, eye drops, liquids, patches and injections as well as tablets or capsules.

If you are a dispensing patient and come under any of the following categories, please complete this form:


Patients who are taking four or more medications

Patients who are diabetic

Patients taking anti-coagulents (blood thinning medication)

Patients who have non oral medication eg. eye drops, ointments, injections, patches etc


We would be grateful if you could answer this questionnaire on your medication and be as honest as possible so any problems can be identified and addressed if required.


Please note when selecting your Date of Birth - it is possible to click on the year, which will allow you to scroll and select the year separately to the day and month.

Last Updated: 06/01/2022